Editorial Guidelines for Scientific Contributions

Abstracts may have a maximum length of 2 pages, the text a minimum of 500 words, may include a figure, a table/table and a bibliographic list with a maximum of 5 citations.
The text must be prepared in Word format, A4 size sheet, using 1.15 spacing, Times New Roman 11 font and 2.5 cm margins.
The figure (in color or black and white) must be inserted in the text, with good quality images (300 dpi), maximum width of the box and clearly legible internal text in font size 6 or higher, with a brief legend at the bottom in letter size 9.
The table/chart must contain a title in font size 10, with a brief legend at the bottom in font size Times New Roman 9.

Keywords, footnotes, and subheadings are not allowed in the abstract.
For the rest of the indications, review the editorial norms of the Journal of the Argentine Geological Association (RAGA) in the previously indicated link.
The papers will be sent through the congress website in attached files named with the name of the first author, of the two authors or of the first author followed by “et al.” When there are 3 or more authors and in the case of more than one abstract with the same authors, add a correlative number for each abstract sent.

Abstracts may be submitted in Spanish or English.

The model template for the publication of abstracts will soon be published on this website.